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We can agree to disagree. My problem is the majority of enlisted men and women are poor or close to being poor thats thier reason for enlisting in the first place. They are there to better themselves and then they find out what it is truly like, I know I was one of them. They stand united for this country and they follow whatever the president says for them to do, right or wrong, but that is where you need to focus your anger. I don't know the answer besides to tell you to vote find a candidate and push them into the race, make a difference. Money is what made this country from the beginning, rich people pay and you and I play. Become rich and influencial and perhaps you can change something until then you should vote on all levels other wise your just blowing hot air. But aim higher than the men and women in uniform please they truly don't deserve that treatment. And the reason I said be a man before is because you are male I assumed but if not be a woman and do the right thing vote at all levels and aim for the head of the beast to blame anything as low as the troops only shows a lack of knowledge for your argument. It's not a gender problem at all.


the short response.

They stand united for this country and they follow whatever the president says for them to do, right or wrong, but that is where you need to focus your anger.

yeeah. we're a bunch of patrio-fascist drones with zero accountability, we really don't have the wherewithal to determine right from wrong. thank god we little people have the mighty benevolent wise hand of the state guiding us along, slaughter to slaughter. 'just following orders' comes to mind..

we are accountable, as tax-paying citizenry, when our federal government commits acts of aggression, whether it be byproxy, economically, or using our volunteer military. we cannot rely on our appointed representitives to act in our best interest, as has been made very painfully clear in Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Iraq I, Iraq II, Somalia, Cuba, Timor, Rwanda, the 9/11 attacks, New Orleans.. not to mention domestic issues like healthcare, education, prison reform, drug war, surveillance, and the right to dissent.

our appointive plutocracy has failed us - through and through.

we don't need wealth to have influence, as has been suggested, we need humility, we need proper education, and we need to instill true egalitarian values within our families and communities. if we can establish a strong sense of respect and fraternity in our communities of working poor and eventually the bourgeoisie as well, the rich out of pure necessity will have to either follow suit or run for the hills. then we can work on taking the power and eventually destroying it. it all might sound like a bunch of hot air.. but then again, half americans of voting age don't vote.. why's that? i mean, now that we've got this great democracy? and this free press?? blowin' hot air 24 hours a day.. get real.

the answers are obvious, they're in the cemetaries, they're in the prisons, they are in the ghettos, they are in the books. if you can't see it - you're simply NOT LOOKING.

i'd like to agree to disagree with you, but frankly i don't feel like you've made your argument. you are the one who randomly messaged me to convince me of some abstract conviction you have.

forgive me for being short.

- andrew

here's round one. i know, i know, i'm really slow on replying to your comments - all apologies. i just bought a shit-ton of books and have been reading the fuck out of them, lo ciento!

the books -

Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed - by Jared Diamond
The Long Emergency: surviving the end of oil, climate change, and other converging catastrophes of the 21st century - by James H. Kunstler
An Ordinary Person's Guide To Empire - by Arundhati Roy
Lies My Teacher Told Me: everything your american history textbook got wrong - by James W. Loewen
Failed States - by Noam "Fucking" Chomsky

much love.

question and answer

Do you know why you have the freedom to say the things you do? In a marxist country you would be shot for disloyalty to your country and or it's leaders. The very troops you are say fuck the troops to are keeping you free, keeping you free! This government may not be the greatest at this moment in time but it is the greatest in the world. It's really sad when people so spoilled speak out against the things that got them so spoilled in the first place. You sleep in a free country every night with little to no threat because our troops protect you. What I'm trying to say to you is disaprove of the government, disaprove of our leaders and when it's time to vote get off your ass and make a difference "vote" use your rights that the troops protect for you. Troops only do as the are told it's the leaders of the country you should disaprove of. So vote, be a man and stand up for what you believe in.


hey man, if we could vote the plutocracy away - we would have done that years ago!

no one gives me the freedom to do anything, i hold that power all my own. if i were in Iran or China or say.. Iraq, yeah, i'd probably be shot or dead. so be it. i will assert my sovereignty wherever i am.

am i not "being a man" by standing up for what i believe in, right here right now, already? and how does "being a man" differ from "being a woman"? it sounds like masculinity is supposed to have some inherent nobility?

i can support individual troops. i cannot support the troops as a whole. my beliefs put me in direct opposition to what the troops do and who they serve. the troops know they are signing up to kill people, they serve the military industrial complex which keeps "us" in a perpetual state of invasions and bombing campaigns. the purpose is to maintain higher and higher rates of arms production and to gain higher subsidies to be spent on warfare technology development. and of course all these technologies will be obsolete within the next 5 years, so newer more deadly technologies will have to be developed! hooray!

signing up to be a part of all that, for what? college money.. to find a career cause you've been aimlessly drifting since high school?? honor!? yeah, right. you're going to have to come up with a better answer than that, private.

i don't want to fight against the troops, i want them to fight along side me, to take the power from the arms contractors, from the super rich and the bourgeois, alike. give it to the people who have been dying and killing in rich men's wars for NOTHING. give it to the people who've been divided, taught to hate themselves and each other. those who've been saturated with material wealth.. as if this would be enough to make them ignore the structures of power and domination, and just carry on.. produce, consume, produce, kill, die.. to no end.

give the power to the workers, the poor, the people.

thank you for your input,


i wasn't really satisfied with my response. it could have been a lot more in depth.

any thoughts.. on nationalism, the american empire, the iraq occupation, not supporting the troops, class war, etc etc etc?

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i love you, john.

john died tuesday. he is a beautiful person and a good friend. i could never express how much i will miss him.

"you need to stop being so nice, Andrew.. girls don't like nice guys, they like assholes" - john harnett 2001

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they can all die.

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